In the Mar. 21 to 25, 2016 episodes of “Days of Our Lives” ("DOOL"), Yo Ling (Tobin Bell) will drug Paul (Christopher Sean) to brainwash him. John (Drake Hogestyn) will also do everything to save his son.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Days of Our Lives” spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens next before the new episode airs.

In the past week, John did his best to get away from his father. Yo Ling is ruthless and will not care whether John survives. However, John will not go down easily and will do everything to get out of his current predicament.

While John is trying to fix things on his own, his loved ones will also be busy planning his rescue. Steve (Stephen Nichols), Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Rafe (Galen Gering) planned and worked together to help save him. Eduardo (A Martinez) will also give crucial information that will hopefully determine where John is being held captive. The team did not have a lot of time to do the rescue, although Marlena found a strategy that will help John, with huge risks involved.

Belle (Martha Madison) will also be worried about her mother’s risky plan. Yo Ling also has a huge and powerful team behind him. Yo Ling will only appear in five episodes, so fans expect him to die or disappear soon.

On Monday, Mar. 21, Joey will confess something to Roman, writes She Knows Soaps.

On Tuesday, Yo Ling will drug Paul with the intention to brainwash him. John’s situation will not get better and he will discover that he cannot escape easily. He will be willing to sacrifice himself to save Paul. Although Paul and John have not known each other for a long time, they already started a solid relationship. John will give up everything for the sake of his son.

In Wednesday’s episode, Adriana (Alma Delfina) will meet with Rafe, Gabi (Camila Banus) and Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) again.

On Thursday, Dario will urge Summer to take advantage of Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) wealth.

In Friday’s episode, Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) will have a peace offering for Victor (John Aniston). Philip (John Paul Lavoisier) will suggest to Claire the possibility of launching a record label to highlight her talent in singing.

“Days of Our Lives” airs on weekdays on NBC.