Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama looks on during a public talk at the Fraport Arena in Frankfurt May 14, 2014. Reuters

The Dalai Lama is going to attend the Glastonbury Festival. He will be joining several rock stars and revelers. It has been confirmed that His Holiness is going to be part of the program at the prestigious music and arts festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset in June.

Daily Star UK reports that regular festival goers would have the opportunity to see the 79-year-old Buddhist monk perform. Naturally, the most revered monk is not going to be playing instruments or rocking the night away like the rest of the headline grabbing performances.

On the official website of the Dalai Lama, there is an announcement that he would be giving a talk on the closing day of the Festival, June 28. "His Holiness will give a talk at the Glastonbury Festival in the morning," the announcement reads.

The headline acts, for the much anticipated event, will be from a diverse group of performers. Some names that have already been reported to perform at the festival are that of Dolly Parton and Metallica. Metallica will be the first heavy-metal band to play at the farm. The only official act announced, however, is that of Lionel Richie. Fans can expect the full line-up of acts until Spring.

There are speculations about Taylor Swift's performance at the festival. Sadly, a report claimed that Swift's best friend Ed Sheeran himself said that that the chance of "Blank Space" singer performing at the Festival is almost zero. The Sun reported that Ed said, "I'd bet you a large amount of money she doesn't -- a large amount of money."

The "Don't" singer said Taylor Swift does not like festivals because she hates doing something she does not have control over. Ed claimed that Glastonbury, or any festival, does not give artists any control and they would be at the mercy of the festival runners. This would not work for Taylor Swift, as she wants everything to be perfect.

The only exception to Taylor's aversion to festivals is said to be British Summertime Hyde Park, where Taylor would have a performance alongside Ellie Goulding and John Newman. Ed explained that Taylor accepted this because she can have her own area there, and therefore, control.

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