Leaked OnePlus 2 images
Leaked OnePlus 2 images droidguy

After news came out a few months back that OnePlus and Cyanogen were parting ways, we now hear the OnePlus2 will get CyanogenMod support, revealed Git repository.

OnePlus 2 fans can now look forward to receiving the open-source operating system and its ample features as supported by its developers. Expect lots of upgrades and changes in the software similar to those experienced with OnePlus One’s Cyanogen-made software.

It’s almost certain there will be more benefits from the ROM than those seen in OnePlus’ Oxygen OS. Besides, you can choose between Android 6.0 Marshmallow or 5.1.1 Lollipop using the preferred version of 12.2 and 13 of CyanogenMod.

To install CyanogenMod on your OnePlus2, you’ll have to follow a few procedures. Root your tinker and phone and get started but make sure you do proper research so nothing goes wrong in the process, reports Android Authority.

A few months back, Cyanogen and OnePlus were at loggerheads owing to several reasons. The two companies had different visions and objectives, and decided to follow their own path. The situation turned worse when the two rivals decided to launch OnePlus One in India last year.

The rift between the companies grew stronger with Cyanogen looking for new and affordable hardware vendors to sell its Android OS. Soon, a pact was signed with MicroMax that escalated Cyanogen’s production scale. Gradually, the company started spreading its wings in the international market.

Seems Cyanogen’s keen to break-free of the tough Chinese marketplace and get a strong foothold in the international market. Right now, the company’s trying to find a partner that shares its own vision.

On the other hand, OnePlus’s focused on its new Oxygen OS that filled the void created by Cyanogen when it left to go on its own. As of now, Oxygen’s might take over as the primary OS in future handsets.

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