[7:48] Kim Kardashian is seen caught by a photographers flash while posing before the signing of her book 'Selfish'
IN PHOTO: Kim Kardashian is seen caught by a photographers flash while posing before the signing of her book 'Selfish' at Barnes & Noble in New York May 5, 2015. Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

Kim Kardashian’s super fan who splurged thousands of pounds to look like her idol is now suffering from leaking lips and frozen face. Despite his condition, he still want more surgeries done.

Jordan James Parke made headlines this year as the person who is willing to shell out £100,000 on surgery as an attempt to look like his idol, Kim Kardashian. However, the 23-year old’s plans of looking like the reality star backfired on him. He now said he cannot move his face, and his lip fillers are starting to leak clear fluid. Speaking on the US Show, “Botched,” (via Daily Star UK) he lamented the fact that his face is now frozen, even though he shows no sign of remorse over the surgeries he underwent. "I can’t really move my face. I want just a little bit of definition and they just got bigger and bigger but any attention is good attention,” he said. He added that the more pressing concern for him now is that he would eventually end up with “small lips” again.”

Moreover, he still wants other surgeries done. He asked the show for more surgeries and wanted the doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to change his nose to a smaller, “pinched-in” one. The doctors refused his pleas. They added that more surgeries can be dangerous because he might not be able to breathe, because elf his already enormous lips. Jordan understood why he cannot have his nose altered but refused to heed the doctors’ advice to make his lips smaller. The crazed Kim K fan said the bigger his lips are, the better.

Parke spent £350 a pop on each of his lip fillers, and he had 50 of them, despite being told that his lips might explode. Apart from having lip injections, he also had Botox injections and other fillers on his cheeks, chin and forehead. He also had his eyebrows tattooed and his hair lasered.

It seems Kim Kardashian is influencing many when it comes to undergoing to the knife. The “Botched” doctors said that many women are coming to them asking for bigger bums like Kim Kardashian’s. The doctors said the surgery was only popular in Brazil before, but now it is also huge in the US. Many people are also more willing to undergo the knife to look like their favorite celebrities.

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