Reality television star Kim Kardashian
Reality television star Kim Kardashian has gained the most number of Instagram followers, beating singer Beyonce. Here, she arrives for the TIME 100 Gala in New York April 21, 2015. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Kim Kardashian was swarmed during her book signing. Unfortunately, it was not only her fans who turned up. Anti-fur protestors also lined up to attack and hurl insults at the reality star, with most calling her a murderer. Kim however, remained calm and composed.

Kim Kardashian was in New York promoting her own book, “Selfish” when anti-fur protestors showed up to make her feel how “selfish” she really is for being a fur-wearer. Even though she was not donning anything furry on the said book signing event, protestors joined the queue of those wanting their books signed to make sure she would feel the brunt of their anger that she often wear luxurious furs worth thousands.

When she started to sign some books, a protestor even yelled that he thinks she is the “most disgusting human being” on the planet. He also added that Kim should feel ashamed for supporting the fur industry. Other protestors can be seen holding up banners and posters dissing the star. One of the posters even had a photoshopped picture of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star holding up a skinned dog.

Kim however, kept her cool all throughout the ordeal and shaming. She just glanced at some of the protestors and went on signing the books of those who genuinely wanted their “Selfish” books signed. One man got acted as if he wanted his book signed and got close enough to Kim to say that she should make out the autograph to the poor animals who got killed just so she can wear fur.

This is not the first time that Kanye West’s wife or Kanye West himself, had been lambasted for their fur fascination. Back in 2012, Kim Kardashian was even flour bombed during a red carpet event when she was going to promote her perfume. Last month, Sharon Osbourne also slammed Kim for wearing fur and even dressing up her baby North West, in fur. She clucked at the thought that Kim is using her own kid as an accessory and wearing “ugly couture clothes.” The irate TV host also slammed Kim’s reasons for wearing fur -- showing off. The host claimed that earlier generations wore fur to show off how rich they are but the current generation should know better than to wear fur because they have been “educated."

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