Fans of 90’s shooters are in luck, as GOG is currently having a sale for some classic “Duke Nukem” games. These are all from the 90’s, so fans don’t have to worry about the poorly received “Duke Nukem Forever” and just play the classic games that made Duke Nukem popular in the first place.

The games included are “Duke Nukem,” “Duke Nukem 2,” “Duke Nukem 3: Atomic Edition,” “Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project” and the blunt title “Balls of Steel.” All of the games will be available for US$0.59 (AU $0.81) and will total at US$2.36(AU $3.24), should one purchase them all.

An article from Dual Shockers has confirmed that the main reason for the sale is because these titles are going to be removed from GOG. This is due to a licensing issue that has plagued many games before it, though it looks to be temporary.

It was also stated that GOG is currently in discussions with the new rights holders for the series. The online store clearly wants to keep the series for fans, but have all of the games on sale just in case they never get the games back.

These games came out when the popularity of first-person shooters was starting to grow and “Duke Nukem” became a gaming icon for a while. Unlike most games of the genre, the character of Duke didn’t take himself too seriously and his adventures were ridiculous. The character has constantly saved beautiful women from aliens, which was also done in “Forever” though in a much darker way.

The popularity of the previous games is why “Forever” was such a highly anticipated title. As most gamers know, “Forever” was delayed for a very long time, with many thinking that the shooter would eventually be cancelled. The game was finally released a few years ago, but with a thud rather than a bang.

While very few fans can claim to have fond memories with “Forever,” the same can’t be said for the classic games in the series. Those interested in some 90’s nostalgia should pick the game up.

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DUKE NUKEM FOREVER: FOR REAL THIS TIME (Zero Punctuation) (Credit: YouTube/The Escapist)