Clash Royale
"Clash Royale" players can soon participate in Tournaments near them. Supercell

Supercell is bringing a new mode for its popular battle-strategy title, “Clash Royale.” The developer announced the new mode following some teasers that it had previously made.

Now, the developer has given some new information on what the new feature will be in “Clash Royale,” and as the teaser puts it, it will involve the new mode Tournaments. Over at the Clash Royale blog, Supercell detailed that tourneys will give players a chance to play local battles.

“The idea that anyone can turn up, play and win a ‘Clash Royale’ tournament—both online and in person—is the feeling we’re looking for,” said Supercell in the blog. The developer also opted for a closed matchmaking system when developing the new mode.

“This approach felt like the most flexible and best fit for all players to participate at their own pace.”

The goal had been to let “Clash Royale” players play together in the room, with proximity taking a good lead. According to the developer, this is the most efficient way by which matchmaking and spectating can take place.

This means that Tourneys can be created anywhere in the world, and it will inform players of the time and place when it will be held. Apart from confirming Tourneys, Supercell also gave a glimpse of the mechanics and prizes that can be obtained.

Anyone can freely join Tourneys, but creating them will cost Gems. The bigger the tournaments, the bigger the prize pool becomes. The good news here is that the prize pool will be very inclusive in that almost all players who place somewhere in the top half of the tournament will receive some form of prize in the Tournament Chest. This includes Epic and Legendary cards, so that’s a big deal for top-placers.

Finally, the developer has also hinted its plans on how one can take part in the Tournament. There are a few rules to avoid burnout from Tourneys and a neglect on regular battles. This means that players can only join one Tournament at a time. Bowing out at any time is fine, but this means giving up all of the progress.

Tournament Chests will also need time opening, which means that during this period, players are locked to a specific Tournament. Active players will be happy to hear that the Tournament Chests will not take up any of the four precious slots for unlocking chests.

To participate in the Tournament mode, players will need to abide by the Tournament Rules. This means that the level cap for the King and Common cards are 9. The Rare cards should be level 7, the Epic cards at level 7 and the Legendary cards are only at Level 1. Overtime length will be limited to three minutes.