Chicmoji by Casetify
Lifestyle company Casetify recently launched Chicmoji, the world’s first personalised illustration app that provides style-centric users the power to create fashionable digital versions of themselves. Casetify

Emojis have become a global language. What used to be just conversation sweeteners are now utilised as actual expressions of intent. Now, one company is taking the messaging phenomenon to a whole new level as it puts a fashionable spin on emojis.

Casetify, the lifestyle company known for its custom iPhone cases, recently launched Chicmoji, the world’s first personalised illustration app. With a name like that, Casetify’s new venture is as chic as chic gets. Chicmoji provides style-centric users the power to create “fashion-forward emojis for their virtual selves right from their phone.”

The Chicmoji sketches were done by artist Anum Tariq. The illustrations can be directly imported to iMessage and used as stickers on Apple devices with at least iOS 10. They can also be saved as photos so users can share them on various social media platforms as profile pictures or set them as wallpapers.

The Chicmoji app is also not difficult to use and with just a few swipes, users can easily piece together various digital getups to their hearts’ content. Customisation, style and design options are aplenty compared to other avatar apps currently available. Chicmoji is available in English, Japanese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Casetify CEO and co-founder Wes Ng said that they developed Chicmoji in order to “make an app that people could have fun with and that truly embodied their style personas,” and the company has certainly done that. Users can even use their personalised Chicmoji illustrations as phone accessories. After all, what better way to use them than as custom-made phone cases? And those just happen to be Casetify’s forte.

Casetify was founded in 2011 and made its way into the scene by turning Instagram photos into “fashionable tech.” Over the years, the company has collaborated with many talented artists and has worked with notable brands such as Anthropologie, Nordstrom and Vogue.


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