Centrelink docks pension of aged on short-term work

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Human resources arm Centrelink could be facing the ire of retired workers after docking a 70 year old retired business owner.

Eva McDonald is only one of many who continue to be penalized for accepting short-term work. The aging retiree from Charleville stands to lose $572 from her and her husband Colin's pension over the next year.

McDonald said, “I don't see why I should pay to go to work.” She claims Centrelink docked her pension before it could reach her bank account.

Under employment rules at present, pensioners would be losing at least half of every dollar they earn over $256 in any given fortnight. McDonald said she would not have been working for a loss if she knew how the rules worked.

Most retired workers opt to look for temporary employment in order to supplement meager retirement pay.

National Seniors' chief executive Michael O'Neill called on the Gillard government to do away with the regulations for retired workers who are still willing to stretch their services.

O'Neill emphasized, '"It's not an issue that can be delayed without going against the day-to-day interests of people who are already doing it tough and are showing initiative.”

However, aged pensioners like McDonald will have to wait until July next year to be able to earn up to $6500 a year without having their pensions docked.

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