“Destiny: The Taken King” is a massive overhaul to the massively multiplayer online, or MMO, shooter released a year ago. With regards to the new “Destiny” game, the publisher and developer have released a unique video campaign that is set to further pique players' interest. Bungie and Activision have done well in changing the game entirely, and the new video further proves how much the companies have put in in making all aspects of the game better.

What sets the new “Destiny: The Taken King” video apart from the others is instead of the usual generic Guardian, the players themselves are the stars of the video, Gamerant reports. If players head to the “Legend of You” website, they are prompted to enter their gamer ID and platform. Once the details are in, the website will dish out a video made specifically for the Guardian and his achievements. The video can then be shared across social media and will include personalised stats and comparisons with other players.

The website will not charge the players any fee upon entering their details. However, the site does require a level 20 Guardian for the video. This is likely to ensure that the player already has achievements under his Guardian.

The video serves as a way to excite players for “The Taken King.” The video ends with a message that seems to tease players on what lies ahead on their journey.

"Now the Taken King knows your name, and he's coming for you, (Guardian name)," the video states.

Bungie and Activision have invested a lot in promoting “The Taken King,” and even retailers have joined in advertising the game. Just last week, Jimmy Kimmel collaborated with GameStop to produce a hilarious trailer for the upcoming reinvigoration of “Destiny,” Gamespot reports.

The promotional material for GameStop starts off with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel ranting about how pre-ordering a game is not a good idea. The video then proceeds to show how the player’s “Destiny” team and his dog will abandon him if he does not pre-order “The Taken King.”

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