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Cast member Michael Weatherly speaks at a panel for the television series "Bull" during the TCA CBS Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California U.S., August 10, 2016. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

"Bull" TV show, starring Christopher Jackson (Chunk Palmer), Annabelle Attanasio (Cable McCrory), Freddy Rodriguez (Benny Colón) and Michael Weatherly (Dr Jason Bull), will have a new episode titled "Justified." It will air in the US on Tuesday, April 17. "Justified" will show Bull defending a survivor of domestic abuse who killed her husband.

Spoiler Alert: This update has additional 'Bull' spoilers 2018. Read on only if you want to know about 'Justified.'

A CBS press release states that "Bull" season 2, episode 20 will show Dr Bull trying to convince a jury that the woman she is defending is not guilty of murder. It turns out his client is a domestic abuse survivor who shot her husband while he was sleeping. She said she only did it because she was afraid he would kill her and her unborn child. The domestic abuse survivor was referred to him by a friend from Bull’s past. Dennis Smith directed this episode, which was written by Chamblee Smith.

'Justified' stars

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) reports that Kisha Barr (Juror One), Ellen Toland (Hailee Sparks), April Yvette Thompson (Dr Marian Green), Richard Bird (Juror #3), Jack Hammel (Juror 5) and Olivia Horton (Candice Aspin), will appear as guest stars in this episode. The other "Bull" cast 2018 members such as Geneva Carr (Marissa Morgan) and Jaime Lee Kirchner (Danny James), will also appear alongside them.

'Bull' episodes: 'A Redemption' and 'Reckless'

"A Redemption" was the episode that was aired on April 3 in the US, before "Justified" and "Bad Medicine." It featured Bull and his team defending Jim Grayson (Nathan Darrow). He used to be George Brown, an unwitting getaway driver in a fatal check cashing store robbery committed by his brother Rick (Kevin Corrigan). Since then, he has lived an upstanding life and is now a married man with three kids as well as the owner of a restaurant. Thankfully, Danny found a clue that revealed the said crime was actually an inside job and that the death of the clerk was an accident. Alrick Riley directed this episode, which was written by Hannah Park.

The "Bull" show airs at 7:30 pm AEST on the TEN channel in Australia. It also airs in the US on CBS from 9-10 pm ET/PT on Tuesdays. Stay tuned for more "Bull" spoilers. The next episode after "Justified" is "Reckless" and it will air on May 1.