‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 4, Episode 3 Recap, Spoilers: The squad is back together in ‘Coral Palms Pt. 3’!
Squad up! The fourth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered September 20 on Fox US. Fox/Brooklyn Nine-Nine Official Facebook Page

After being separated from the squad for six months because of the threat that is Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis, Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) and Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) reunite with the Nine-Nine hoping to finally take down the mob boss on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 4, episode 3 ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine" 4x03).

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details about season 4 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The fourth season premiered Sep. 20 on Fox US. Season 3 is available on Netflix Australia.

After escaping prison, Peralta and Holt are now fugitives on the loose. They try to lay low until the Nine-Nine arrives in Florida for help. Holt injures himself, impaling his left leg on a metal pipe after fleeing a convenience store where the cashier recognised their faces.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x03 – The Reunion

The squad goes on a road trip to Coral Palms, deliberately disobeying the order of their carefree new captain C.J. (Ken Marino). Gina (Chelsea Peretti) dresses like a “fresh wizard” for the reunion while Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) brings a photobook of his 4-year-old adopted son Nikolaj to show Jake.

Jake and Amy’s (Melissa Fumero) reunion is anything but flawless. She greets him with an accidental punch to the throat, not exactly a nice start. Things just got a lot more awkward between the two after that.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x03 – The Fun Zone Setup

Reunited, the squad goes to The Fun Zone to bait Figgis. Gina stays with Holt to aid him with his injury. The mob boss takes the bait and heads to The Fun Zone with his men. All Figgis’ crew are apprehended by the precinct while Jake and the mob boss face off one-on-one.

Jake disarms Figgis but Sheriff Reynolds (Jim O'Heir) arrives to arrest Jake, not believing that he is a detective. Figgis shoots the local deputy and holds Jake hostage. Amy comes in and purposely shoots Jake on the leg. Figgis tries to escape before being cornered by Gina and Capt. Holt.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x03 – Back To Normal

Jake and Amy reconnect after the ordeal. After all, it was a gunshot to the leg that broke the barrier. The squad head back to Brooklyn, and Captain C.J. puts them on night shift as disciplinary action.

Overall, this was a solid end to the Coral Palms trilogy that began on the season premiere. The next episode ('Brooklyn Nine-Nine' 4x04: 'The Night Shift') will surely be a blast as well. The episode will mark the beginning of a crossover with fellow Fox sitcom “New Girl.”