Bringing Football To Crypto: TopGoal To Launch P2E Game, TopManager Alpha

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TopGoal , the football-themed metaverse, is launching the alpha version of its much-awaited NFT GameFi application, TopManager. TopManager is set to be a pioneer in the TopGoal metaverse, engaging both crypto and non-crypto users through their love for the sport.

TopManager is a football team management game in the blockchain sports landscape. Leveraging the popularity and utility of NFTs, the game employs a play-to-earn (P2E) model where gamers can earn cryptocurrencies or collect other digital assets. The gameplay is set to be a user-friendly, Web 3.0 counterpart of Football Manager, with novel features like training, upgrading, merging, and inheriting players' skills. 

Though the game features both Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE) modes, the alpha version will have only the PVP season mode. This is known as Top League and will allow managers to earn TMT and special TopGoal mystery boxes  depending on the daily rank points during the season.

A Blockchain Arena for Football Enthusiasts 

Reports indicate that the global NFT collectibles market was around $412 billion in 2021 and will reach $692.4 billion by 2032. They also recognize sports memorabilia as one of the fastest-growing segments in the NFT collectible market. Thus, the number of sports collectible projects and games on the blockchain has exploded recently.

Sports games such as Ethereum-based fantasy football game Sorare and Cricket Star Manager are among the most popular NFT games, with plenty more projects in the space looking to foray into sports. 

One such game gathering buzz among the football community is TopManager by TopGoal, the global NFT and GameFi platform for football metaverse. Seeking to bring football management into the blockchain space, this P2E game will allow people to don their management caps, curate their fantasy teams, and compete in tournaments while earning real-time cryptocurrencies and valuable digital assets. 

The alpha version of the game is expected to launch soon this month. Set in the niche of football management, it caters to a steadily increasing sports fan base of over 60 million sports enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, football clubs are heavily interested in the metaverse and aim to provide a spectacular experience for players. Crypto gaming ventures like TopGoal aspire to be the bridge between them to help football fans understand, collect, and engage with NFTs.

All You Need To Know About TopManager

TopManager allows TopGoal NFT cards to be used in the game for playing 11v11 football matches. Depending on the quality and rarity of the card, managers will have access to a wide range of attributes for their players. Initially, five-dimensional attributes will be available, such as shooting, passing, dribbling, tackling, and intercepting. These attributes can be leveled up based on the upgrades through in-game matches.

The gameplay allows fans to strategize formations and tactics to secure a win intensely. Players have different skills from a range of rarity levels. This will help players grow more powerful in the game and acquire active and passive skills. Active skills can be directly used to enhance the capacities of a player whereas passive skills can increase relevant aspects of a player card. 

The game is also said to have a merge function in its pipeline that will let users merge two NFT cards—a master card and a secondary card—to allow for a better combination of skill subsets. Together, these features will allow for an immersive user experience.

The Way Forward

TopGoal is at the forefront of fan engagement in the sports metaverse. Its vision is to provide sports fans with an engaging football experience in the virtual realm. The project will allow football aficionados to own a part of the sport they love, collect memorable moments and player cards, and engage in NFT games such as TopManager in the TopGoal metaverse. 

TopGoal has already signed strategic partnerships with Binance, CoinMarketCap, Biswap.. Besides this, it has partnered with players, clubs, and institutions to create officially licensed sports memorabilia NFTs that preserve some of the greatest moments from their favorite players.

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