When Blizzard announced that the company was hiring people to work on older games like “Diablo 2” and “Warcraft 3,” many assumed that the company as going to remake these titles for a modern generation. It turns out that is not the case, as Blizzard is hiring programmers to restore these games to glory, but not to remake them in anyway.

According to GameSpot, there are still a number of gamers who play their older games online, despite new releases like “Diablo 3.” Due to the advancement of technology, it’s become harder to support the online communities of these older games, which is probably why Blizzard has decided to hire new talent.

Some of the responsibilities associated with the jobs include making the gameplay work on “modern operating systems,” preventing attempts at game hacks and of course, fixing any bugs and crashes that plague the game, among others. Anyone interested in working for Blizzard and fixing these problems can go to the Blizzard website and apply there.

Requirements for the job include expert knowledge of C and C+, five years of development experience, familiarity with unbugging unknown codes and a passion for video games. The company also wants these hopefuls to excite them with their skills, so anyone interested should polish up their experience and show them what they have to offer.

The company is doing this for veteran gamers, especially since this is the age of sequels and reboots. Considering how fans expected an HD remake of “Diablo 2” or “Starcraft” when the position was first announced, the news has come off as a genuine surprise to these older fans.

Many fans consider these older games to be pioneers. “Diablo 2” made the hack-and-slash roleplaying game extremely popular. “Warcraft 2” was hailed as one of the best strategy games at the time. “Starcraft” was so beloved that many were excited when the sequel was released, which was more than a decade after the first game came out.

Should anyone decide to take up Blizzard on this offer, it will be interesting to see what kind of results will come of it. Blizzard has continued to make an impact on the PC gaming community, which the new “World of Warcraft” movie proves.

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Diablo II Intro (Credit: YouTube/Blizzard Entertainment)