Bikers follow the funeral procession March 20, 1996, of the leader of the local Bandidos motorcycle gang, Uffe Larsen, after rival Hell's Angels member gunned him down at Copenhagen's airport ten days ago. Reuters/Stringer

A bikie involved in the Broadbeach bikie brawl Jim David Thacker has been kicked out of Australia. The 28-year-old was arrested by border force officers and taken to an immigration centre on Thursday. He will be deported to his home country, New Zealand.

Thacker, a former “baby” Bandidos biker member, is believed to be the founding president of the biker gang’s Beenleigh Bandidos chapter. He was sentenced to 150 hours of community service in 2014 for the riot on Queensland’s Gold Coast in September 2013, in which about 60 Bandidos members and some members from the rival Finks bike gang took part in a brawl in the Broadbeach restaurant precinct.

There were at least 27 Bandidos charged with 30 offences, including rioting, obstructing police and public nuisance. Two members from the Finks were also arrested over the brawl.

Thacker, who was just 24 at that time, admitted he was part of the Bandidos mob. He was one of the three NZ-born probational bikies then who were arrested and had pleaded guilty to riot.

While he and the two other Kiwis also arrested were not directly involved in the fight, they posed an indirect risk to police and the public by milling around and heckling. Magistrate John Costanzo, during the sentencing in 2014, described them as “petty narcissists looking for attention.”

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has discretionary powers to remove anyone whom the government sees as a “bad character.” He said he had cancelled the visas of 191 foreign-born bikies since last year.

“The Government’s been very clear over a long period of time now that we are not going to tolerate criminals in our country who are here as non-citizens and committing serious crimes against Australian citizens,” Dutton said.

“We know that outlawed motorcycle gang members are the biggest importers and distributors of ice and amphetamine in the country. They destroy families and young lives — our country is better with you.”

Dutton said those who are involved in criminal activities could expect to have their visas revoked as well.

Thacker remains in an immigration detention in Sydney where he awaits his deportation date.