The cast of the CBS comedy series "The Big Bang Theory" pose with their award for Favorite TV Show
The cast of the CBS comedy series "The Big Bang Theory" pose with their award for Favorite TV Show during the 2015 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California January 7, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Amy (Mayim Bialik) broke up with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) in the season finale of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8, unaware that her socially inept boyfriend was planning to propose and had bought a ring. The new season does not open with their kiss and a new relationship contract, as “The Big Bang Theory” writers plan to keep this much-loved couple apart for some time. However, Sheldon, who is not handling the rejection well, will continue to pursue Amy.

“He [Sheldon] is a man of science and he's been presented with a problem that he can't just think of a solution for. And it's very frustrating. He doesn't immediately turn to anyone for support; instead, he is going to pursue Amy,” Steve Molaro, showrunner of “The Big Bang Theory,” told The Hollywood Reporter.

Molaro said that the break-up is difficult for Amy too, and Sheldon would be making it more difficult. His strategy to woo her back include the jealousy card, which is going to make her furious. Moreover, the two, for the first time, will be experiencing post-break-up emotions.

Amy was a late entrant to the Penny + Quirky boys club, but she soon became an integral part of the group and close to everyone, and her decision to break up with Sheldon is going to change the group dynamic. In the upcoming episodes “… we're seeing all new colors for both of them (Sheldon and Amy) as well as the way it impacts the group,” Molaro said.

He also said that it will be “weird for Sheldon and Amy to be in a room together,” and because of that, Amy will skip some of the get-togethers. “It's a little bit of a divorce, and it's something that the group is feeling their way through,” Molaro added.

Meanwhile, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) are set to tie the knot in the premiere episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 9. The previous season finale saw Leonard confessing to Penny about his brief infidelity, which put a big question mark on whether these two would take the plunge or not.

“The Big Bang Theory” Season 9 premieres on Monday, Sept. 21 in the U.S.

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