Fallout 4
Fallout 4 will be available on Nov.10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC Bethesda

“Fallout 4” is coming out this month and fan anticipation for it can barely be contained as Bethesda decides to release a new trailer for it. Unlike previous videos of the game, which featured plenty of gameplay, the new video is a live-action trailer with a real person, a real dog and some neat special effects.

While the lack of gameplay sounds disappointing, the trailer does capture the mood and feel of the post-apocalyptic series, according to The Verge. Live-action trailers are nothing new to the world of video games but it is interesting to see one capture the atmosphere of the game fairly well. Some of the camera shots even look live the video game in action.

The dog is also given plenty of time in the trailer. It will reportedly help the player find items and be a companion for the player, when needed. Bethesda already stated that the dog couldn’t die, so fans don’t have to worry about getting their hearts broken, for the moment at least.

GameSpot brought up the possibility that this trailer is a special project that Bethesda got Mirada Studios to work on. Mirada Studios is the production company of Guillermo del Toro, so it’s easy to see why Bethesda would go to them. No official confirmation has yet been given regarding the rumour.

One very intriguing moment about the minute long trailer is the ending, where the protagonist wears a suit of armour, which has similarities to Marvel’s “Iron Man.” It should be an interesting experience using said armour in the actual game, mostly to see what it can actually do.

“Fallout 4” is set to be the biggest game in the franchise, with no level cap and a huge world to explore with multiple missions and storylines to partake in. Unlike previous games where the apocalypse already happened, “Fallout 4” begins during the early years of the end of the world.

The game will be available next month on Nov. 10 for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A season pass for the game was announced but the content has yet to be revealed.

Credit: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks

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