"Doom" will have Ultra Nightmare Quality settings for PC. Bethesda

With just a few days before launch, Bethesda has given fans another glimpse of the campaign for “Doom.” In the new trailer, seen below, fans can hear directly from the developer on the different weapons and progression system that can be encountered in the game.

The developer had shared a few insights on the creation process of “Doom.” Even though Bethesda is looking at weapons other than guns, that does not mean that these were neglected in “Doom.” Creative Director Hugo Martin shared that the team had tried to make every weapon distinct and with its own style. There’s a harmony in the way that a player uses the weapon, and while filling up one’s arsenal is a good way to start, what comes after is what’s becomes interesting. “Doom” can then supposedly be played as tailored to one’s playstyle.

Customisation seems to be a good strategy in “Doom.” Apart from weapons, runes and other research projects and progression systems allow the player to customise their experience and fit their game with their strategies.

Another video that was recently released comes from Nvidia. According to Venture Beat, the video shows off footage of “Doom” on the Vulkan applications programming interface.

This API allows a particular title to be played on a variety of devices. “Doom” runs in one of the said graphics, thanks to id Software. According to the source, this was made due to the partnership between Nvidia and id Software.

“This gameplay is from a PC running Vulkan on a Titan X at 120-degree field-of-view (FOV) – with the player’s personal upgrades and rune perks set for advanced speed and movement capabilities,” said id Software’s Marty Stratton as quoted by Venture Beat.

The link above features the six-minute footage. It’s supposed to be the first-ever direct feed with 1920x1080p and 60FPS run, meaning it is uncompressed yet direct footage of “Doom” using the Vulkan tech.

“Doom” is set to release on May 13. However, there are already a few copies seen in the wild before the official launch. Tech Insider has spotted copies of “Doom” on the shelves of Target. Updates from fans have also reported seeing copies in some Walmart branches.

For those who have yet to get a copy of “Doom,” Kinja Deals has listed an offer for the PC version of the game. Green Man Gaming is currently offering a promo, wherein players can save US$15 (approx. AU$20) when they preorder the title using the promo code DOOM 25, the edition allows for preloading as well as a free copy of “Doom 3” BFG Edition.

"Doom" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)