Best 2017 Australian video games you might have missed

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Screenshot from 'Inflatality.' Hojo Studio/Press

The year 2017 has seen plenty of top-notch Australian video games. “Hollow Knight,” for instance, took the indie scene by storm with its superb platforming elements. The recently released “Rumu,” meanwhile, is slowly becoming a beloved title for fans of emotionally charged narratives.

While compiling the list of underrated 2017 Aussie video games, certain considerations were taken. To be considered an Australian video game, it needs to have been created by developers based anywhere in Australia. The good news is that the land Down Under has a highly talented indie scene that’s not letting anyone stop them. The list, therefore, is a celebration of their passion.

‘Inflatality’ – Developer: Hojo Studio

In development for two years, “Inflatality” launched at the recent PAX Australia in Melbourne. It brands itself as a “derpy couch-multiplayer physics fighter” involving inflatable wavers—you know, those tall balloon-like things you see during car shows.

Only this time, you control the wavers to beat the living out of their opponent. It’s a fighting game first and foremost. You are able to customise your character, preparing it for the battle ahead. Warning, though: this game contains scenes of explicit inflatable mayhem. Now fight!

screenshot6-large Screenshot from 'Inflatality.'  Hojo Studio/Press

‘Think of the Children’ – Developer: Jammed Up Studios

In “Think of the Children,” you may NOT think of the children, but it only shows the type of parent you are. Yes, that’s how harsh this game is. Created by Brisbane-based developers, the game will definitely not appeal to those easily disturbed, but fans of dark humour will find it an enjoyable experience.

The premise: you are accused of bad parenting, with the court presenting evidence of your recent behaviour. The gameplay itself serves as proof. What will the court see? Will they see you taking good care of your rambunctious children, or will they see you putting them in direct danger like the bad parent that you are?

think of the children Screenshot from 'Think of the Children.'  Jammed Up Studios/Press

‘City of Brass’ – Developer: Uppercut Games

From the creators of the indie darling “Submerged” comes a first-person adventure set in a magical Middle Eastern world. “City of Brass” lets you become a thief, hacking and slashing your way through enemies. Collect treasures and open secret chests, but do so with caution. The land is fraught with creatures, from the typical human foes to the extremely malicious genies. Expect to die a lot in this game, but the end is always worth it.

Palace05_preview Screenshot from 'City of Brass.'  Uppercut Games/Press

‘Mr Shifty’ – Developer: Team Shifty

Those who’ve played “Hotline Miami” should give “Mr Shifty” a try. Both games serve a monstrous number of dead henchmen and broken glass, but Shifty here stands out with his ability to teleport. The skill can be used to great effect. Appear right in front of an enemy so you can punch him before he even realises it. Be careful, though; he’s not immortal. He easily dies, so best use his punch-and-teleport skills to avoid returning to a checkpoint.

wzcllcyfd3ym7ftvqr8f Screenshot from 'Mr. Shifty.'  Press Kit

‘Crawl’ – Developer: Powerhoof

No, “Crawl” from Melbourne-based Powerhoof is not just another game with cute pixel graphics. It is a challenging local multiplayer title in which your friends control your enemies. When you die, you switch places. The concept is simple yet addictive. You can play by yourself or with up to 4 people. Single-player mode is as unforgiving, which is good news for those looking for a difficult dungeon-crawler to master.

01-Combat1 Screenshot from 'Crawl.'  Powerhoof/Press

Know of other Australian-made video games that should have been mentioned? Recommend them in the comments section below.

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