Preorders and bundles have always been a good way to add to the sales and promote games. While there have been interesting bundles that bring a lot of value for money, there is one very odd but surprisingly real bundle for “Dying Light.”

Dubbed as the “Dying Light” Spotlight Edition, this special edition will bring quite a lot of features and bonuses. However, it does come with a cost—US$10 million (approx. AU$14 million) to be exact.

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The “Dying Light: The Following” Spotlight Edition is only supposedly available only at Game. The official website shows the special features included in the edition. It’s a unique edition, to say the least. There are four copies of “Dying Light: The Following” Enhanced Edition complete with signatures from the development team.

All the other included features are mostly contributing to the main feature of the edition, which is for the buyer to get a supporting role in “Dying Light: The Movie.” Specifically, whoever buys the US$10 million edition will get an action scene and a speaking role.

It does not end there. Since this appears to be a top-grade project, the package also includes lessons for acting (under Roger Craig Smith), stuntman and parkour training (or a stunt double, if the buyer is not interested in doing stunts), off-road driving course where the buyer gets to keep the car, makeup lessons and the ability to voice Kyle Crane in a special edition of “Dying Light.”

To complete the movie star experience, the package also includes the buyer’s own copy of the original script with signatures from the cast, a personal trailer on set with all luxury amenities, 10 VIP tickets for opening night and first-class accommodation and flights for screening tour.

Considering the amount that the special edition is being sold for, it’s not surprising that an interested buyer will need to contact the dev first to make the purchase. This is, of course, assuming that anyone would even dare to get the Spotlight Edition in the first place.

Whether or not this is some form of stunt for “Dying Light” has yet to be proven. Way back in 2013, a similar publicity stunt was pulled using the “Saints Row IV” Wad Wad Edition worth US$1 million (AU$1.4 million).

Regardless of the odd special edition that is currently being offered, there is another update for the custom map in “Dying Light.” It appears that players can now enjoy the cancelled P.T. title from Hideo Kojima with a new custom map called Repetition – The Horror House. Spotted by Gearnuke, the new custom map can be seen in the video below.

It follows the design of P.T. where the player is trapped in a loop and a chain of horrifying events occur in its surroundings. The source stated that the developer had tried to make the map as close to P.T. as possible, just by only using the custom map tools in the game.

The entire map was created in over 150 hours. It seems that the map is also big. The hallway the intricate wallpapers, tapestries and little details like strollers, teddy bears and picture frames add to the feeling of paranoia that the map can give the player. Even the sound effects can be chilling, from the laughter of children to the sudden opening of the TV add to the different jumpscares.

"Dying Light" custom map like P.T. (Credit: YouTube/SlenderDan)