“Battleborn” developer Gearbox has announced that two new heroes, Trevor Ghalt and Deande, are coming to the game. In a set of videos, the game developer has revealed details about the two new characters from which a commando named Ghalt is wielding a shotgun and the other one is a female character called Deande.

According to the details shared by Gearbox via IGN, Ghalt is the key character of the entire story of “Battleborn." The guy will be fighting with a revolver shotgun as his main weapon. Ghalt is said to be a peacekeeping war veteran known to be a brave leader who fights for good cause. As one of the 25 “Battleborn” heroes, Ghalt will be seen fighting enemies with hook and trap moves.

The character Deande, on the other hand, is a super evil spy from the Jennerit Empire. Deande has been put through a process called sustainment and she cannot die of natural causes. Like all of the other “Battleborne” characters, Deande’s abilities are unique. Deande can create a clone to distract enemies while she sneaks behind them and attacks. After her attack, her clone will explode, giving Deande an ability to harm 25 times stronger than the normal damage she makes. This ability is called "holotwin," the new released video suggests.

Earlier this month, Randy Pitchford from Gearbox Software introduced a hero from “Battleborne” named Toby. The official PlayStation blog reported that Toby, a penguin, is the sixteenth hero from the “Battleborn” game. Now with Toby, Deande and Ghalt revealed, there are still seven more heroes left to be introduced. A special “Battleborn” hero will also be introduced to the PS4 players who will participate in the open beta.

According to the developer, “Battleborn” will be released on May 3, 2016. Players will be able to redeem their bonus rewards by logging in to their same SHiFT account used during the Open Beta.

Battleborn: Multiplayer Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Battleborn)