Arkham Knight October Update
All of these characters will be playable in the AR Challenges of "Batman: Arkham Knight". Facebook/BatmanArkham

Now that all of the downloadable content (DLC) for September has been released, Rocksteady has announced plans for the October DLC of “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Inlcuded so far is a new story campaign for Catwoman, the third “Crime Fighter Challenge Pack” and a new Batmobile track based on the 1966 “Batman” television series.

Much like Nightwing’s campaign “GCPD Lockdown”, the Catwoman-centered story campaign is another continuing thread from one of the main story missions of “Arkham Knight.” Selina Kyle was playable alongside Batman in these sets of missions where the duo had to outthink The Riddler, while also having to participate in a number of his death traps. Some of them even had Batman going through dangerous obstacle courses with his Batmobile.

According to IGN, the new story campaign is called “Catwoman’s Revenge” and will most likely pair her up against The Riddler, who captured her to get to Batman in the main game. Set after the events of the main story, it seems like The Riddler has escaped prison and it's up to Catwoman to bring him back.

The 1966 Batmobile also gets some attention this October, as a number of race tracks based on the classic television series will be released, similar to the previous movie themed DLC. Robin and Catwoman will also be getting their costumes from the classic television show. This could also lead to the Batman’s 1966 skin becoming available to all platforms, as it was a temporary exclusive to the PS4, along with Batman’s “Justice League 3000” skin.

One of the more pleasant surprises from the upcoming October update is that all of the game’s playable characters will soon be usable in all of the AR Challenges. This was announced by Rocksteady on the official “Arkham Knight” forums and was one of the game’s main complaints when it came out. The developers have finally listened, stating that the characters will come to the combat challenges first and then the predator challengers will come sometime later.

“Batman: Arkham Knight” is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version of the game was pulled due to a number of problems, but will be returning to shelves soon; now that these problems have been fixed.

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Batman: Arkham Knight - Tumbler Batmobile Pack and GCPD Lockdown Mission DLC Trailer (Credit: YouTube/DC Entertainment)