Solicited for a release later this month, the 2016 Batmobile pack for “Batman: Arkham Knight” will feature a new costume and batmobile from the highly anticipated film “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” To celebrate the release, the “Arkham Insider” video series decided to spotlight the aforementioned DLC, while also showcasing the “Catwoman’s Revenge” side story.

The video starts showcasing the “Batman V Superman” content at the four-minute mark, according to Game Informer. Most of the video showcases the new batmobile in action, though fans do get a glimpse at the new costume six minutes into the video, which Ben Affleck will wear in theaters next year.

Ben Affleck’s costume isn’t the only movie-based costume to come out for the game, as Michael Keaton’s suit from Tim Burton’s 1989 film “Batman” was released earlier this year. Like the “Batman V Superman” content, it also came with the film’s version of the Batmobile.

Fans of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy will also be happy to know that the costume worn by Christian Bale will be available this December due to fan request. It’s clear that fans of Batman in comics, television and movies are really in for a treat when they pick up the game’s season pass.

Meanwhile, the “Catwoman’s Revenge” story also gets spotlighted, as fans can see that it’s mostly stealth oriented. This piece of DLC resolves the Riddler storyline in the game’s main campaign and should be interesting to play, considering that both characters now have plenty of hate for one another.

Catwoman isn’t the only character getting a side story this month, as Comic Book confirmed that Robin’s side story also comes out in November. Titled “Flip a Coin,” this Arkham episode pits the Boy Wonder against Two Face, although it’s not spotlighted in the Arkham Insider video.

Other content being released this month includes a Robin-themed Batmobile skin, new AR challenge maps and the ability to use different characters in Predator challenges. Rather than being released separately like in previous DLC for the game, all of the November and December content will come out in one day.

Fans can purchase the “Batman V Superman” content and more on Nov. 24 for the PS4 and Xbox One. No update has been given for the PC version’s DLC, as that version continues to be filled with problems and can be fully refunded for Steam users.

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Official Batman: Arkham Insider Episode #10 - An Early Dawn (Credit: YouTube/Batman Arkham)