Batman Arkham Knight
Rocksteady expands the world of the Dark Knight in "Batman: Arkham Knight." Warner Bros.

Rocksteady Studios is looking to officially end its ties with the “Batman Arkham” series with the final downloadable content (DLC) for “Batman: Arkham Knight” scheduled to be released anytime this day. The final DLC will once again feature new missions and alternate skins for Batman and the Batmobile as well.

Developer Rocksteady Studios has revealed the contents of the final DLC via a video seen below. It brings back four villains that “Batman” fans are surely familiar with. As with previous DLCs, players can play against these villains in the new Most Wanted missions.

The four new villains in the final “Batman: Arkham Knight” DLC are Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, Mad Hatter and Ra’s Al Ghul. They will be pitted against Batman in the Season of Infamy series. Fans of the “Batman Arkham Knight” series should be excited to once again face Killer Croc, Mister Freeze and Ra’s Al Ghul as they have all been featured as story bosses in the previous titles.

As for the new Batman and Batmobile skins, fans will finally be given the much-requested alternate costumes from the beloved “Dark Knight” film franchise. Fans will have the Batman suit and Batmobile design used in the 2008 film.

Those who purchased the “Batman: Arkham Knight” season pass will instantly receive the DLC when it rolls out. Those who did not can still purchase the final DLC as well as the previous DLCs separately.

Meanwhile, the faulty PC version of “Batman: Arkham Knight” was updated recently, and the patch included changes that could fix some of the bugs in the game. The full patch notes are detailed on the Steam page of “Batman: Arkham Knight.” There are a lot of fixes that came with the patch, but the game is still far from the quality of the console versions of the game.

Source: YouTube/Batman Arkham

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