'Australia’s Next Top Model': 13 lucky girls compete their way to the fashion world

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Australia's Next Top Model
Australia's Next Top Model teaser poster introducing the 13 girls competing for the show's 10th season. Facebook/Australia's Next Top Model

For the much-awaited "Australia’s Next Top Model," 13 ambitious girls from different parts of Australia are set to compete in the 10th season of the reality television show.

Kassidy Ure, Aleyna Fitgerald, Belinda Kosorok, Christy Baker, Daisy Davies, Jessie Andrewartha, Jordan Simek, Laura Taaffe, Linnea Jones, Sabine Jamieson, Sofie Baric, Summer Kane and Vitoria Tribo will all compete to be Australia’s Next Top Model.

Kassidy Ure, 19, and Aleyna Fitgerald, 16, are just two of eight girls hailing from NSW.

According to The Herald, Kassidy attended Glendale Technology High and is a disability support worker who looks after children with special needs.

“In my job, all I do is help other people and on the show it’s all about me, so it was a completely different experience.”

Despite Kassidy being new to modelling and admitting never to have done it before, she managed to get in the competitive top 13.

“I haven’t done any modelling before, really — I’d done a few small test shoots in Newscastle but nothing major,” Kassidy shared. “I’d always wanted to do modelling but I’d struggled to find an agency. It’s hard to get your foot in the door. I’d kind of given up on my dream of modelling and I was happy doing my job.”

Out of the blue, she went to Priscilla’s Model Management in Sydney and was asked if she was interested in applying for the show.

“I said yes straight away — I’ve watched the show since I was a little girl and I love it,” Kassidy said.

Actress and elite model Megan Gale is confirmed to be one of the judges alongside 10-series veteran judge and designer Alex Perry, with host Jennifer Hawkins.

"Australia’s Next Top Model" will also have alumni Montana Cox, Simone Holtznagel, Amanda Ware and Cassi Van Den Dungen.

"Australia’s Next Top Model" season 10 will begin airing on Sep. 20 on FOX 8 channel.