Coming with the complete package of striking looks, charisma and success, Australia’s new Bachelor Sam Wood will be taking his chances of finding the perfect woman in the next season of Ten’s “The Bachelor Australia.” The fitness company owner will be embarking on a journey to search for the “love of his life.”

"I hope to find a woman with whom I share a sense of fun, an undeniable chemistry and a mutual respect," the 34-year-old said, as quoted by The Sydney Morning Herald. He considers being the new Bachelor as a “real privilege” and a “once-in-a-life-opportunity,” a chance to be open-minded while wearing his heart on his sleeve. Although hailing from Tasmania, he runs a Melbourne-based children’s health and fitness company named Gecko Sports, with 35 location across the country, as he is passionate about kids having an active lifestyle. While business is going well, Wood hopes to share his joys and triumphs with someone he could settle down with.

Host Osher Gunsberg described Wood as "the kind of guy any man would want to be mates with his down-to-earth approach to life and charming smile conceal a driven businessman, someone who has worked hard to build a great life for himself." Wood is also considered as a fresh inhale from last season’s fiasco, where Bachelor Blake Garvey ended things with fiancé Sam Frost after the season finale and went out instead with runner-up Louise Pillidge.

The third season for “The Bachelor Australia” has no official air date yet. It will be premiered at Network Ten Australia.

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