Australia’s deradicalisation efforts mean to make Muslims “less Islamic, more Western,” said Hizb ut-Tahrir on Sunday. It said Muslims were expected to be “more submissive to secular, Liberal political norms.”

The Islamic group organised a conference at The Bellevue function centre in Bankstown and told hundreds of Muslims about the “criminalisation” of the community in the country.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has called HuT speakers at the conference as “clowns.” According to him, such people are “no friends” of the Australian Muslim community and do the community “no favours.”

Former PM Tony Abbott wanted HuT banned. Malcolm Turnbull, on the contrary, may follow the suggestion by those in the security department and leave it open, The Australian reported.

HuT spokesman Uthman Badar said the Australian government was trying to execute “forced assimilation” and justify it by “exaggerated fears of a security threat.” He addressed the recent controversial incident at Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, where around 40 Muslim students were asked to leave during the assembly when the national anthem was about to be sung.

"The insistence of senior government ministers that Muslim children sing the national anthem – an anthem that reflects a particular disputed view of history and celebrates particular ideological values. ... Why should they be forced to sing it?" The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Badar as asking the crowd.

Badar also criticised the oath one has to take while becoming Australian citizenship. According to him, it is not enough for citizens only to obey the law as Australia demands its citizens to share its “democratic beliefs.”

HuT member Wassim Doureihi said Australian counter-terrorism authorities would eventually target Muslim toddlers. According to him, Muslims, particularly children, are “under siege.”

Doureihi referred to a 12-year-old being on terror watch list. He said he was not sure where the “bottom age” was going to be.

"Is it inconceivable that 10-year-olds will be placed under suspicion?” Doureihi asked. “Is it inconceivable, as we've already seen in Europe, that toddlers in childcare facilities are reported through counter-terrorism policies?”

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