The US government has announced it is banning most flavored e-cigarettes in a bid to curb the rising tide of youth vaping. Five more cases were reported by the same Indiana high school that saw nine students hospitalized earlier this month due to vaping-r

In a bid to crackdown on vaping products, the Australian government will limit the sale of vapes to pharmacies as a therapeutic tool, which will be made available without a doctor's prescription.

The federal government is acting on the amendments presented by Greens, after the party disapproved of the scheme that required a doctor's prescription to buy vape. The Greens had opposed the original policy on the grounds that it could drive users to the hidden market and a possible creation of prohibitive costs, The Guardian reported.

Greens senator Jordon Steele-John said the initial model demanding the consumers show a prescription would have put undue costs on them. He added that vaping needed to be addressed, while minimizing the harm.

Buyers will have to show their ID to the chemist, who will also advise them on the health hazards and offer alternate ways to quit smoking. Those who are under 18 years will need to show a prescription.

The Australian Parliament is expected to approve the legislation with the backing of Greens this week. As the new rule will be effective from July 1, commercial retailers can no longer sell vaping products.

The Australian government has been campaigning against the vaping menace, which is mostly prevalent among teenagers.

The 2019 study by Australian National University revealed a little over one in 10 Australians above 14 years has tried vaping. It has become a leading factor in behavioral issues among high school students.

According to official data released last year, nearly 22% of Australians between 18 and 24 years have used an e-cigarette or vaping device at least once, Reuters reported.

Health Minister Mark Butler stated, "The government welcomed constructive engagement with the crossbench and secured the support of The Greens for our world leading vaping laws."

Earlier this year, the government had banned the import of vapes and restricted the number of flavors being sold.

Blasting the government move to do away with prescriptions, Pharmacy Guild of Australia to remain in place said, "The Senate's expectation that community pharmacies become vape retailers, and vape garbage collectors, is insulting," AAP reported.

The new law allows eight months amnesty for those who possess vapes illegally and not face criminal charges.