Attack on Titan Part 2 Release Update and New Trailer to Watch

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It is announced that on September 23, 2014, "Attack on Titan 2" will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD. It is not the "Attack on Titan" season 2 that is not scheduled to be released next year but the half of "Attack on Titan" season 1 dub. It appears that fans have to wait for few more months for the last 13 episodes of the dub, but at the brighter end, the teaser of the "Attack on Titan" part 2 is now available.


At this point, it is an exciting time to be an "Attack on Titan" fan, even without the manga because of the live-action film, games and a number of OVAs. Nothing is more exciting than the actual anime series but the problem is, it was all subtitles.

Fortunately, the dub of the "Attack on Titan" made by Funimation, which was already released earlier this month, on DVD and Blu-Ray in a regular edition and a posh Collector's edition are pretty good. Not only that, the dubbed version of "Attack on Titan" is also televised on Toonami.

Thus far, the problem is that they are releasing "Attack on Titan" dub little by little just like what they did to "Evangelion 3.0." So fans still need to wait for another season until the release of the "Attack on Titan" part 2 Blu-Ray, and another posh Collector's Edition. There are already available shows with subtitles but if you want the dubbed version you still have to wait for three more months.

But the good thing is, "Attack on Titan" is available on Netflix with subtitles and soon "Attack on Titan" Part 2 will be available on Blu-Ray. And on July 2014, "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will surely be released as confirmed by Inquistr.

The first part which is entitled "Crimson Bow and Arrow" will include the first 13 episodes and the release date is set on Nov. 22, 2014. While the second part which is "Wings of Freedom" containing episodes 14 through 25 will be released on early 2015.

According to, the success of the "Attack on Titan" could be contributed to its similarities to "Game of Thrones." The source notes that both take place in a fantasy world that still contains a number of recognisable elements and revolves around a theme of nihilism.

Perhaps most importantly, adds is that both are shows based on written works where no character is ever safe, no matter how central to the plot. The source continues that neither the "Attack on Titan" manga nor the Song of Ice and Fire book series are complete yet, with the "Attack on Titan" anime being just behind the plot progression of the manga.

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