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Apple's iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program now accepts trade-ins for water-damaged iPhone with no trade-in value impact.

According to Apple, the iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program allows users to get a Gift Card from the Apple Store in exchange for their old or water-damaged iPhone. They can use the Apple Store Gift Card (which can reach up to $400), for a new iPhone, Mac, iPad or an Apple accessory.

To see other details on Apple's iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program, Apple users can also go to PowerOn, Apple's partner in the trade-in and recycling of products from Apple. (Click HERE).

Keep in mind that some limitations or restrictions may apply when trading-in certain Apple products. The good news is that a previous limitation of gadgets being damaged by water has been lifted. As stated above, Apple now accepts trade-ins for water-damaged iPhone. What's more is that the value of the trade-in isn't affected despite the conditions of the Apple gadget.

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple retail employees have told them that starting on Nov. 18, 2013, an iPhone with a tripped "liquid contact indicator" will not be deemed worthless for trade-in by Apple.

However, this condition is still a case-to-case basis. 9to5 Mac says that Apple will still not accept iPhones that are seriously water-damaged, especially if there is already corrosion in the ports and liquid found under the iPhone's display. In this case, the iPhone will be ineligible for trade-in regardless of what the liquid contact indicator says.

Also, this update of Apple's iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program will reportedly be valid only in Apple's brick and mortar (B & M) stores, and not for online trade-ins. That's why there might be a difference in trade-in values if you check it online.

Apple users can get a TRADE-IN PRICE QUOTE (no-obligation) by following the steps below:

  1. Answer a few questions about your iPhone - you will get an immediate offer (30 day guarantee)
  2. Send your iPhone to PowerOn, Apple's recycling partner - FREE SHIPPING
  3. Once your iPhone, IPad is you'll receive an Apple Store Gift Card

Apple also reminds users that the payments made are based on the iPhone, iPad or Apple accessory that they received and if it matches the description that was provided earlier during the estimate.

Check out a sample of a quote for a water-damaged iPhone that was still estimated by Apple and PowerOn as eligible for trade-in. It was even quoted for $230. (Click HERE).

Aside from Apple's iPhone Reuse and Recycling program, Apple users can also get an Apple Store Gift Card for their used iPad, Mac or PC. To know more about the entire Apple Reuse and Recyling Program, click HERE. You can also click HERE to go to the Reuse and Recycling Program page. Then, start by selecting your product's manufacturer and model. Choose the category, manufacturer, series and model and click on Continue. If you can't find your product, go to PowerOn (Click HERE).

The fact that Apple's iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program now accepts trade-ins for water-damaged iPhones is great news for Apple users. Even if this trade-in option is only valid in Apple's physical stores for now, at least their iPhone which fell in a bathtub, a sink, a pool or any place that has water will not remain unused and gathering dust in their homes because it can still be traded-in, reused or recycled.


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