Formula 1 Car
A man looks at a McLaren F-1 LM-Specification car is displayed at Sotheby's in New York June 3, 2015. Reuters/Bendan McDermid

Apple, most popularly known for its smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices, has been rumored to be joining the car-making industry with its first self-driving car to be released in 2019. While Apple was silent regarding the issue, there were hints that it would be producing a self-driving car in the very near future.

Earlier this year, talks about a huge project dubbed Project Titan circulated among Apple fans. The said project was kept a secret, although information was leaked about the company’s car-making division. There were talks about Apple initiating talks with designers of automated cars as well as the company that makes the F1 cars.

These hints were further considered close to the truth when Steve Kenner, product integrity director of Apple, sent a letter to the Federal Automated Vehicles Policy regarding rules that would be applied to autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, the letter talked about how excited the company was in the potential of automated systems, including transportation. Apple pointed out the social benefits that mankind would derive from self-driving cars and how these would be able to enhance human driving experience

In the five-page letter, Apple stated that it was hoping that both new entrants and existing automated car manufacturers would be given the same opportunities in using public roads for the testing of such vehicles.

It was speculated that Apple would not have wasted time writing this letter if it has no vested interests in car-making. The content of the letter seemed an admission that the rumours about a new car being conceived by Apple were true.

It was believed that an Apple automated car that looks like a minivan would ply most roads in Washington and around the world in 2019. Apple fans in Australia as well are waiting for this car to become reality.