Apple Pay has switched on for Australians following its launch in Canada on Tuesday. However, only credit and charge card holders of American Express (Amex) can perform the cashless payment - for now. Amex was reportedly chosen by Apple Pay because it is more convenient to coordinate with compared to other banks' cards that use Mastercard and Visa.

According to ABC News, Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president for Apple Pay, said that the company chose to use American Express in Australia and Canada because it serves as both the payment-network operator and the issuer of the card.

According to American Express Australia, Apple Pay is now accepted at places where customers have been using their Amex cards for contactless payments. Australian Business Traveller (AUSBT) reports that these include major chains such as Woolworths, Officeworks, Coles, David Jones, Myer, Event Cinemas, McDonald’s and Starbucks. AUSBT warns Apple Pay may be difficult to use at some merchants with older-style Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sales (EFTPOS) terminals like in Haigh’s Chocolates and BP.

Those who want to use Apple Pay in Australia must first load their American Express cards into their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Below are the steps on how to load Amex cards for Apple Pay on an iPhone.

1. Open the iPhone’s Wallet app.

2. Tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right hand corner.

3. Manually enter Amex card details or scan card using the iPhone’s camera.

4. Enter the security code in front of the card.

5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Click here to learn more about loading an Amex card to the Apple Watch.

Once the Amex card is loaded to an iPhone, all users need to do is hold up the device up to a contactless payment terminal or EFTPOS. Then, the Apple device will ask users to perform Touch ID. Once transaction is complete, the word “Done” will appear and a beep will be heard. In case Touch ID doesn’t work, customers can enter their device Passcode to complete the transaction.

As for the Apple Watch, users who opt to try this need to double click the device’s side button and select their American Express card. Then, they need to hold the watch near the contactless reader. The Apple Watch will beep and vibrate to let users know that payment is successful.

Apple assured users that the new Apple Pay contactless transactions are a secure and private way of purchasing. Card numbers are not stored on the device, Apple Pay servers and iCloud. An encrypted unique Device Account Number will be provided and kept in the Apple device’s Secure Element.

Watch American Express with Apple Pay here:

Source: YouTube/ American Express Australia

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