Apple iMac 2016
A new iMac computer is seen follownig a presentation at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California October 16, 2014. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Apple iMac 2016 featuring a 5K display could be coming this October. Fans are now waiting for a major announcement from Apple to set the mood for the holiday season. While the Cupertino-based technology giant may also release other products, the iMac 2016 is eagerly-anticipated.

This is because, reports suggest Apple has upgraded the iMac and included some amazing features and specs along with a revamped look and feel. Apple has a history of releasing devices in the end of October. However, many tech enthusiasts believe that major overhauls to the iMac are unlikely though an Intel processor is expected, Mobile & Apps.

Even though Apple succeeds in unveiling a revolutionary iMac 2016, Intel’s highly-hyped Kaby Lake processors may not find a place inside the device as they will reportedly coming end of this year. Instead, a Polaris AMD processor is also very likely. AMD recently won a contract with Apple for its graphics chips.

Gamers are expecting that the Apple iMac 2016 will have some specs/features that will help in improving the gaming experience in the device. Polaris graphics chips are known for lower power consumption and high speeds. The chips significantly better resolution to make the gaming experience more satisfying.

An Apple iMac 2016 with VR capability is also expected. Polaris 10 and 11 are looking to improvise on the VR experience and fans may expect some real excitement on this front. Fusion drive may become the default storage for the iMac 2016. The flash storage may also become the storage standard for the Apple iMac 2016 that may result in better read and write speeds.

Apple iMac has been a very popular device but interest in it has waned a bit due to a number of other exciting devices from the same company. This time Apple should try and release an iMac 2016 with more exciting features and specs to gain back some of its lost popularity.