Android Auto
Patrick Brady, Director of Engineering for Android, demonstrates the new Android Auto interface at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco June 25, 2014. Reuters/Elijah Nouvelage

When Google launched Android Auto, the company was aiming to give new drivers easier access to various pieces of information while on the road. To expand the reach of its already reliable system, the search engine giant is now including a driver interface for all Android devices without the need for a built-in car screen.

Google made the announcement on Monday, stating that the company knew there were drivers of older car models -- which were not compatible with Android Auto -- who need or want the system within their reach. As such, Google has created a feature for Android Auto that is compatible with any Android device running on OS 5.0 or higher. The new feature allows these handhelds to project the system directly on the smartphone screen.

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The update will allow car users to experience the driver-friendly interface of Android Auto and the several pieces of information it efficiently provides. The interface essentially allows users to access direction, music and communication without the multitude of distractions that are not essential while on the road.

Android Auto 2.0 will also provide better hands-free control for users. While Android Devices can now automatically connect via Bluetooth, Google will also be enhancing voice commands in the next couple of weeks. Various applications that deal with music and maps will open with the driver’s “Okay Google.”

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As C|Net reports, the update also allows users to access more by allowing users to sort and skip in various applications. For example, users could only initially see and access the first few albums in a music app, but the update will allow individuals to search via the first letters of the albums.

The Android Auto update will begin rolling out within the next few days. While it will be available in the 30 countries it currently services, no specifics have been provided. However, signing up at the Android Auto Website will allow Google to send an email once an individual’s handheld is compatible for the update.

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