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Aussies will rejoice as OPPO Mobile Australia has introduced the Aussie Emoji Keyboard to celebrate the spirit of Australian culture in emoji form. The keyboard comes packed with 40-emojis, all Aussie-themed and includes the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Vegemite, Uluru and other common Australian phrases.

According to Herald Sun, the keyboard is available to Android mobile users only and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. In order to send an emoji, one first needs to open the app.

The app is usable with any app that allows text entry such as Android’s SMS and Facebook Messenger. The receiver of the emoji need not install the app to view the emojis though one needs to download the app to send the Aussie-themed emojis.

All the downloader needs to do is access the keyboard by tapping the emoji icon, which floats on the side of the screen when about to type text. The OPPO Aussie emojis are more like the Facebook stickers than regular emojis that can be sent one at a time.

According to Venture Capital Post, three out of five Australians consider emojis as the universal messaging language, an OPPO research suggests. According to Michael Tran, OPPO’s chief marketing officer, the company will continue developing new emojis that might be included in the next update.

“We’re excited to be releasing these emojis to be shared across the nation. We know Aussies will love them, and we’re already developing new emojis to be included in the next update,” said Tran.

This is just the first round of emojis and it mainly covers Australian culture, tucker and wildlife. The icons included are the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Shrimp on the Barbie, Stone the Flamin’ Crows and Budgie Smugglers.

Thus, if one is really craving for a Vegemite, he/she can let the world know by sending an emoji from the OPPO Aussie Emoji Keyboard.