Google is bringing the KitKat Google Search app to an updated version, the 3.1.8. This update helps users have a better experience when unofficially installing the Google Experience Launcher. Currently, the Google Experience Launcher is exclusive to the Nexus 5.

The new Google Search 3.1.8 gets a couple of improvements which include new features and designs to devices that are running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later.

As reported by the Android Police, the Google Search 3.1.8 has "an updated UI, new refresh animations," which are fixes for the wonky tablet layout of its predecessor. Moreover, the update is expected to have a new Google Now cards which includes a Web site update card, What to watch card and News topic card.

Basically, the Web site update card can bring you the latest post from your favourite blog. In that way, you don't miss a single story from the blog of your choice with the help of the Web site update card. The What to watch card gives TV and movie recommendations depending on your location. Lastly, the News topic card brings you the latest news from all over the Internet that you personally picked.

The new Google Search 3.1.8 also features repeat reminders, Waze-based traffic incidents for Maps, rugby scores and updated for in store package pickups.

For some users, the highlight feature of this update is the unofficial Google Experience Launcher. Although the launcher per se is not included in the update, the Google Search 3.1.8 makes the launcher easy to use for users who want to run it on their devices other than the Nexus 5.

Bear in mind that the Nexus 5 new launcher is a part of the Google Search app but Google does not plan to include it officially to other devices that will be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Nevertheless, the Google Experience Launcher has been available for weeks now and it is unofficially available to install and download on Android tablets and smartphones. However, to be able to enjoy the launcher experience, it is recommended that you update your Google Search app to 3.1.8 first prior to side-loading the launcher's APK.