Bondi beach Sydney, Australia
Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia. Hannah Chen/ Pixabay

An American backpacker has revealed the things he “hates” about Australia, including slow wi-fi and “aggressive” flies.

Tristan Kuhn, a 22-year-old tourist, has been in the Land Down Under for eight months. According to him, while there are things he dislikes about the country, it’s still in “many ways much better than America.”

“I'm going over the things this American hates about Australia. You know ‘hate’ is a little bit of a strong word but I would say these are things that I dislike, frustrate or annoy me about Australia,” Kuhn said in a Youtube video posted Monday.

While Australians were the ones who paved the way for wi-fi to be developed, Kuhn says the country still has one of the slowest connections. He says it takes him around five hours to upload a video, when it would take only 30 minutes in the U.S.

“It’s not complete crap, but it’s definitely much worse on average than it is in the U.S.,” he said.

“Even if you are paying for your own internet and you’re paying for the fast wi-fi that you can get, you’re still gonna have really slow upload speed.”

The Youtuber also pointed out that “aggressive” flies can be very “annoying.” He recalled how the flies would “attack” him when he’d try to hit them.

Kuhn doesn’t appreciate the sun, either. According to him, because the country sits near the ozone hole over the Antarctic, the sunshine is much more stronger and “burns you more quickly.”

Among his other complaints are no free refills, not being able to turn at a red light, and wearing bicycle helmets.

Despite all these, Kuhn says he still loves Australia. After being in the country since October, the backpacker says these annoyances will not change the fact that he “freaking loves Australia.”