Black Friday looms just around the corner. In line of the biggest sale of the year, shops like Toptabletstoday are offering a range of new wave launches and tech deals. Black Friday has always been a major event for holiday shoppers. It is a time when big companies and new players test out their products on the market or offer great deals to promote better sales. This year, people will find a multitude of tablet deals just in time for Christmas.

Other retailers like Target and Walmart are preparing for the coming season. Analysts say there will be a surge of demand and sales for tablets. These products share a similar market appeal as smartphones. Some expected best sellers include Windows tablets, e-readers and Apple's iPads.

Black Friday is best known for big price cuts. The demand and competition prompts tech manufacturers to move their products around. They have to make way for major updates and new product releases. Apple's iPad Mini 2 offers better interface, design and performance but it is expected to drop as much as $250.

As for other discounted upgrades, some sources say people can expect price cuts or discounted deals on the Surface Pro 2. The latest tablet from Microsoft offers better battery life and performance. There are also reports indicating price leaks from major sellers like Best Buy and Amazon. Other hot deals people should expect in the following days are:

  • Walmart's offerings on the Ematic 7 inch Android 4.1 slate for $49 including the Nook color 8 GB for $99.
  • Samsung's Galaxy tab predicted to be sold at$180 and iPad 2 deals around $399
  • Target's deal on the Nook Simple Touch E-reader expected to be around $49.
  • Google flagship Tablet has also been predicted to be as low as $200.

According to reports, Nexus 7 will go through a major price cut considering the latest upgrade and more competitors. Microsoft dropped prices already for the Surface 2 Pro during summer and the market expects it to slash bigger prices off its products for this holiday season. Reports also say people can expect the Coby Kyros to come in discounted deals.