Amazon Alexa
David VanderWaal, VP of marketing for LG Electronics USA (L), listens to Mike George, VP Alexa, Echo and Appstore for Amazon, talking about their companies' partnership during the LG press conference at CES in Las Vegas, U.S., January 4, 2017. Reuters/Rick Wilking

If latest reports are to be believed, the first image of Amazon Echo has been leaked, and the image shows the device with a camera and a touch-screen. It is known as “Echo Knight” internally.

The leak proves that the Jeff Bezos-led Amazon is far from closing its line of smart devices equipped with artificial intelligence. Earlier in the week, information was also revealed about the Echo Look. The Amazon Echo device is believed to have a highly-improved forward-facing speaker and a camera that enables video calling. It is not yet known whether the Echo device will enable video calling via a separate SIM card or by tethering a smartphone. The device will surely pose numerous challenges for Amazon.

The Amazon Echo has been leaked by AFTVnews. Going by what experts say, all voice commands will now be represented by visuals. Thus, it will not be enough for Alexa to tell the weather but provide an accompanying visual to go with it. The potential sticker price of the device will be more than US$200 but less than US$300, AU$270 and AU$400. The product could be unveiled by June or so. As per reports, AFTVnews a low resolution image of the Amazon Echo device on the company’s servers.

If this leak is true, it is time for fans to say goodbye to their old Echo device and make room for a camera-ready one. Many are however calling the Echo device ugly, drawing similarities in look and design, with Philco Predicta without the appealing parts. Fans had high hopes surrounding the device, though the leaked image has made many disappointed. Apart from the touch-screen and the camera, most other features are expected to be similar to Echo Look.

“It basically looks like someone ripped a backseat TV out of a minivan and slapped it on a table. You're buying a big square box made to invade your family's privacy at all hours,” Gizmodo Australia reports.

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that the Amazon Prime video app may come to Apple TV very soon. It looks like Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos have finally buried the hatchet and Apple and Amazon have reached a truce. Currently, there is no easy way to watch Amazon Prime content on Apple TV. Users have to use AirPlay with another Apple device to do so. The absence of the app from the Apple device is surely a casualty of both the companies’ desire to be the best go-to video streaming service.

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