Affordable Android smartwatch that’s also compatible with iPhone
Mobvoi Ticwatch 2 Mobvoi

On Tuesday, Mobvoi has just launched Ticwatch 2, an affordable android-powered smartwatch that iPhone users can also use, on Kickstarter.

Mobvoi announced in a press release that the Ticwatch 2 is an interactive smartwatch that has everything a user would want for only US$99 ($132.41). The Ticwatch 2 leverages the company’s cutting edge AI technologies and allows users to interact with it through four different methods: voice, gesture, touch and Tickle.

Users can just talk to the smartwatch through its voice interaction method or touch the cubic user interface to access its features and other functions. Users can also just flip their wrist to make a quick phone call or to activate the voice interaction function. And with its patented side touch strip, the Ticwatch 2 allows users to scroll, select and zoom without the need to touch the smartwatch’s screen.

Mobvoi said that the Ticwatch 2 also builds on the capabilities of the first version to provide a more advanced version of its Android-based operating system (OS), the Ticwear 4.0. The company’s new OS allows users to easily navigate through the smartwatch’s information and built-in apps. The OS also allows connectivity to both Android and iPhone devices, making the Ticwatch 2 an alternative to the apple watch.

The Ticwatch 2 also features voice technologies, magnetic wireless charging, integrated speakers, and embedded sports sensors including a pedometer and heart rate monitor. Zhifei Li, Mobvoi Founder and CEO said the rest of the world “a new breed of wearables.”

“Since our founding, we’ve been committed to defining the next generation of human-machine interaction and from our proprietary voice technologies, gesture algorithm, side strip Tickle to three-dimensional Cubic UI, this mission has been core to making us the most interactive smartwatch for our users’ lives,” he said.

The Ticwatch 2 is now available globally on Kickstarter and will begin shipping to backers by late September 2016. The smartwatch’s system requirement for both iPhone and Android devices are iOS 8.0 and Android 4.3+.