Australian author and journalist Leigh Sales is known for her fierce anchoring skills but she recently did the unexpected by silencing Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on her ABC show.

The Australian Prime Minister wanted to talk more about the federal government's new innovation package when he was shut down by the host.

"If every guest on the program came on and they only got to talk about what they wanted to talk about it would be a very different program. Now listen..," Leigh snubbed Turnbull, as he continued to speak. Turnbull then decided to take on Leigh and tried to ask her questions.

"Let me ask you this question, how interested do you think your audience are…," Turnbull said but was interrupted by Leigh in between. "I ask the questions on this program," Leigh retaliated.

Turnbull was on the ABC program “7:30,” hosted by Leigh, to promote his new billion dollar innovation policy. Turnbull tried to deflect certain questions that were bluntly brought up by Leigh. However, the host made it very clear with her words that she was in a no-nonsense mode.

Leigh questioned Turnbull about the accusations on MP Mal Brough, who is said to have misled the Parliament over whether he asked a former staffer of Peter Slipper to copy the former Speaker’s diary. Turnbull shrugged off the questions surrounding Brough. Turnbull made it clear that he was not willing to pick up Brough’s topic.

After silencing the PM, Leigh went on to ask him about his views on the desertion of Ian Macfarlane to the National Party, but Turnbull was again reluctant to answer the hard-hitting questions fired by the host.

The Prime Minister said that he was keen to talk about the reform and the innovation agenda to provide great jobs and business opportunities for the young generation of the country.

“The internal workings of the Coalition are really best discussed internally,” Turnbull told Leigh.

Click here to watch Leigh Sale’s interview with Malcolm Turnbull.

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