In the wake of the Paris attacks on Nov. 13, the people of the city are trying to do their best to maintain their composure and go out to stay at cafes, restaurants and bars as a sign of defiance to acts of terrorism. Here are five Parisian cafes that need to get global attention immediately.

1. Café Zephyr

The café is located in the Grands Boulevards theatre district. Fabien Mazars, the manager, welcomed people who thought that it would be a great idea to continue spending time enjoying food and drinks at cafes. Although the establishment reportedly had much fewer customers than before, the ones present said that they wish to cherish the moment that they can still spend at the venue. One patron said that they just cannot stop living because of the attacks, The Guardian reveals.

2. Monseiur Bleu

The restaurant called on Parisians to come for a meal and observe one minute of silence at 9 PM on Tuesday, Nov. 17. The establishment stated that their way of life and the city’s culture and identity was targeted so it would be ideal for them to gather and show that they will remain strong despite their time of mourning, Reuters reports.

3. Back of the Mill

A night spot in Paris featured the band Stiff Little Fingers who performed despite the safety concerns. The band said that they plan to continue performing to strengthen Parisians and encourage them to come out and enjoy the café terraces.

4. La Belle Equipe sidewalk café

The venue is located at the intersection of the 10th and 11th arrondissements. One majority shareholder of the café, Gregory Reibenberg, who lost his wife and friends when the terrorists opened fire at them on the fateful Friday night, Times of Israel notes. Now, the portraits of their deceased loved ones hang on the café window.

5. Le Comptoir du Relais Saint-Germain

The Australian writes that Yves Camdeborde, chef of the restaurant in the sixth arrondissement, fought back the horrific acts with food, by continuing to serve the people of the city with his best creations.

The statement “Je suisenterrasse,” which translates to “I am on the café terrace,” has been trending since the weekend as a way for Parisians to show their defiance against ISIS, the terrorist group who claimed to be responsible for the attacks.

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