The logo of Sharp Corp is seen reflected on Apple Inc's MacBook Pro at an electronics store in Tokyo
The logo of Sharp Corp is seen reflected on Apple Inc's MacBook Pro at an electronics store in Tokyo in this January 15, 2013 file photo. Apple Inc suppliers will begin mass producing displays as early as May 2014 for the next iPhone, expected to be launched this autumn, with a 4.7-inch screen likely to be produced first while a 5.5-inch version could be delayed, supply chain sources said. Japan Display Inc, Sharp Corp and South Korea's LG Display Co Ltd have all been tapped to make the screens, said the sources, who asked not to be identified. Reuters

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook is an ultra light laptop that appears amazingly thin. It has a premium look with a host of great features. If you are looking for a groundbreaking design and some exclusive features then this is the laptop you should look forward to. Here are five most significant features of the MacBook.

· The MacBook comes with a new USB-C port that includes the most notable features. The port offers a speedy USB 3 video output that supports DisplayPort, VGA and HDMI connections. The port, which can be connected to external devices, is also useful for speedy data transfer to those devices. You will get all the USB 3 data transfer and video output facilities in a small and reversible design, which is one third the size of any current USB port.

· The keyboard of the Macbook is much thinner than what you find in other laptops. It has been redesigned and re-engineered in a completely new fashion to fit in the very thin Macbook. The keys are very comfortable to press and offer highly responsive typing.

· The 12-inch MacBook’s Retina display has an edge-to-edge glass monitor that brings all images into focus. Equipped with three million pixels on the screen, the MacBook display offers maximum clarity for each letter and vibrant details for every image.

· Engineered with precision, the Force Touch trackpad is designed perfectly to deliver the most responsive and uniform clicks, no matter where you press on the surface of the trackpad. There are force sensors embedded underneath the Force Touch trackpad that can sense how much pressure you are applying on it.

· The laptop does not make any sound while it is on. Powered by a fifth-generation Intel Core M processor and OS X, the MacBook performs brilliantly and quietly. The device generates minimal heat and noise and no fan is required for cooling its internal systems.

The MacBook is not just beautiful but is a highly capable machine that gives you the above five reasons on why you should buy it right away if you still don’t have one.