A Baby is sleeping on the Bed
The ladies above 50 years old have 49.6 percent possibility to conceive with a donor egg. Reuters

Current technology allows parents to take care of their babies better as they acquire useful information through convenient devices and apps. Parents today can avail of various baby apps on their mobile device, making it easier to attend to their little one's needs any time of the day.

1. Healthy You, Healthy Baby

TheWest.com reported that one of the baby apps developed by the Child Health Promotion Research Centre of Cowan University. The special baby app is especially made to monitor a baby's health and condition from pregnancy until the time he turns 18 months old. Parents can quickly get useful information and tips on how to better care for their growing baby as well as identify potential problems before these get worse.

2. VaxiMate

Parents will never be worried about missing vaccination schedules again. The app was developed by Pfizer, which lets parents make a profile of their baby. Immunization schedules will be customized according to the current location of the user. The app will track the baby's immunization progress from birth until 4 years of age. Parents will also be reminded about appointment schedules. Furthermore, the app lets parents track their baby's vital statistics and gives quick info about various diseases.

3. WebMD Baby

New parents can use the various information provided by the baby apps from 0 to 2 years of age. Parents can track their baby's physical and mental development as well as monitor milestones. A record keeper is available for parents to monitor their baby's daily schedule and activities. They can also capture memorable moments through photos and videos.

4. White Noise Baby

The makers of the app say that babies can sleep better when white noise is produced. White noise will produce sounds in various frequencies, which will effectively block noise interruptions in the baby's bedroom, reducing stress and improving sleep quality. Run the app to generate white noise.

5. Magic Sleep

One of the useful baby apps for sleeping, Magic Sleep recreates sounds that are similar to the natural noises inside the mother's womb. These sounds will soothe and make babies comfortable, helping them sleep faster and better throughout the night. The app is available at $3.99.