Steam's annual winter sale has already featured deals on some of year's biggest games like “Metal Gear Solid V,” “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “Rocket League” and many more. Even though the Winter Sale 2015 is already finished, this does not mean that the supply of playable games at affordable prices will now stop. In fact, Steam still has a couple of surprises up its sleeves for gamers, this time thanks to the free-to-play titles available in different genres.

There are many free games available on Steam and here are a few must-try titles. The catalogue the likes of classic favorites like “Dota 2” to mainstream titles like “Marvel Heroes 2015," are perfect to explore and play during the remaining days of the holiday season.

“Dota 2”: The popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game also described as a competitive game of action and strategy; “Dota 2” is one of the most popular games which is now available free to play via Steam. “Dota 2” known as the game with biggest e-sports prize, with ‘The International 5’ featuring a prize pool of over US$18 (approx. AU$ 25) million.

“Warframe”: “Warframe” is a third-person team-based game in which the player goes against enemies as a space ninja. Also available on the Xbox One and PS4, “Warframe” is a free-to-play game with co-op capabilities for the PC.

“War Thunder”: “War Thunder” is about blowing up machines that include aircrafts, tanks and ships. “War Thunder” constantly changes the gameplay environment with excitement and betrayal. It needs strategic playing or the player dies with just a few shots. The multiplayer combat game encompasses all of the excitement that tanks and fighter planes can create.

“Marvel Heroes 2015”: Play as Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Deadpool or any of the included characters in “Marvel Heroes 2015.” Another free-to-play title downloadable via Steam, “Marvel Heroes 2015” sees Marvel legends battle out against demons, while players can explore the open world environment with hundreds of missions and activities available.

“Path of Exile: Awakening”: According to Kotaku, the action RPG “Path of Exile” is a blend of the games like “Diablo” and “Final Fantasy VII.” Fortunately, the game is listed as free-to-play on Steam online store. “Path of Exile” offers many deep character customisation, player-vs-player and other league races. The game was released in 2013, and a new installment “Path of Exile: Ascendancy” is scheduled to release in early 2016.

There are many more free-to-play games available on Steam, which players can check out on the official website. Even with the Steam winter sale now officially over, gamers can still find discounts on many games from franchises like “Star Wars” and “Final Fantasy.”

Path of Exile: Ascendancy Official Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Grinding Gear Games)