3DS Title ‘Fantasy Life’ Gets iOS Sequel

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In an interesting turn of events, 3DS title “Fantasy Life” will be getting a sequel on iOS devices soon. Developed by Level-5, the sequel titled “Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons and the Village God” will continue to be a village simulator that has a good amount of roleplaying elements that sets it apart from titles like “Harvest Moon,” though it does make it similar to other mobile games currently in the market.

Despite it’s predecessor being a 3DS title, “Fantasy Life 2” is not heading to the Nintendo handheld anytime soon. The move was applauded by Touch Arcade, as the site felt that the gameplay of “Fantasy Life” was already similar to other mobile RPG’s like “Adventure Town,” which also focused on village building and adventuring.

“Fantasy Life 2” will reportedly be similar to its predecessor, as it brings back the 12 life classes that were in the original game, which are similar to character classes that appear in most roleplaying games like the alchemist, the hunter and the paladin. A new feature uncovered by Siliconera is a new village mode that let’s players collect villagers. Players will also be able to build a city like the first game, but now players will have more room to make a bigger one.

One interesting thing to take note of is the fact that Nintendo had recently announced intentions to start making mobile games with DeNa Games. Considering that “Fantasy Life” originally came out on a Nintendo platform, it could be considered odd not seeing the company release the game, then again it was made by game developer Level-5, the same company that also released the first game.

The game is set to come out this summer on Japan and so far no plans were announced for a western version of “Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons and the Village God.” That being said, the original “Fantasy Life” came out in Japan back in 2012 and only hit Western shores last year, so it is entirely possible that the game will come out in the West after a long delay or it may even surprise gamers if it comes out much earlier.

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