3 ways to balance wellness and success

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3 Ways To Balance Wellness And Success
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Passionate workers understand the demands of their job, so they work hard to become successful. They seem wired as self-driven go-getters, determined to find solutions and seek improvements at work. Unfortunately, in their quest to achieve their goals, they tend to pay less attention to their own well-being, health and wellness.

The results of a 2014 NSF survey show that a significant percentage of American office workers still go to work even when they are sick. Forty-two percent of the 1,003 survey respondents said that they do so to meet deadlines and avoid piled up work. Twenty-five percent said that their supervisors expect them to show up even when they are not feeling well.

It seems that more people are finding it difficult to find the balance between wellness and success. It’s not just office workers. Even entrepreneurs working on their own time need to be reminded to take a break.

David Michigan, a mental health and fitness coach, said in an interview that people should consider their wellness a priority. Michigan is a world-renowned model who participated in Miss Tattoo France; he will be part of Miss Tattoo World next year.

Throughout his professional career, Michigan is committed to staying fit and healthy. According to him, it empowers him to do more in life. Here are three of Michigan’s tips to balance success and wellness in one’s life:

1. Give your body time to heal and recover. In the same way that parents pamper kids when they are sick, adults should also rest and give themselves an ample amount of self-care to get better. “Everyone should have their own wellness and sickness prevention plan to stay productive at their 100 percent,” Michigan said. “If you get sick for failure to commit to your own wellness plan, perhaps you need to heed it as a wake up call.”

2. Work on your wellness with your family or a loved one. Michigan understands that both workers and entrepreneurs operate on a sense of duty. Workers want to meet their KPIs, while entrepreneurs have their own targets to reach. Everyone with a sense of duty and a mission to stay healthy will succeed more by working with a family member.

For instance, instead of jogging or going to the gym alone, one could ask a loved one to join. This way, one becomes responsible for another’s well-being. Your commitment to stay fit becomes more solid when it is tied to the well-being of a person for whom you are responsible, too.

3. Visualise yourself in good health. In his mental coaching sessions with individuals aiming to strengthen their willpower, Michigan always promotes the concept of visualisation. It goes beyond wanting something in life; it is about letting the mind absorb the fact that what they desire already exists in the present.

By visualising oneself in good health, one could easily stick to a healthy lifestyle and self-caring habit. Getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and taking time to exercise are good habits necessary to a healthy mind and body. It would not be easy to visualise yourself in good health if you are not creating a healthy lifestyle in the first place.

“Following these three steps will help you take care of yourself and allow you to pursue success in life,” Michigan said. “Being consistent in your efforts at work and self care will create a desirable life-work balance that a lot of workers and entrepreneurs are missing.”

Michigan is a prolific resource speaker on mental health and personal fitness. His success story came out in eight pages on Muscle & Fitness, and he has about four million followers on Facebook and Instagram combined. He also delivers motivational speeches to help people prepare for their quest to greater heights.