Fallout 4 scouter
A new mod adds the Scouter eyepiece to "Fallout 4" for men, women and even Dogmeat. Nexus Mods

Amid the rumours that the “Fallout 5” is already in production, modders are still continuing to create mods that add more flavor to the current gameplay. For this round, some new and hot mods have been catching the community’s attention, as they add more weapons to the wide array presently available to fans.

LK-05 Carbine

Players can go guns-ablazing with the addition of the LK-05 Carbine Concept CQC from modder DOOM. Recently showcased over at Nexus Mods, the creator even showcases a video, seen below, of how it works.

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“This weapon is fully automatic and chambered in 5.56 Ammo. It has stats balanced between the Submachine Gun and the Assault Rifle. Fully upgraded this weapon is fairly accurate at medium to long range,” said DOOM regarding the LK-05 Carbine mod.

There are a few known issues linked to the mod, including reload animation since the magazine clips still use the Submachine Gun animations. Additionally, it might be best to avoid wearing a helmet with a flashlight since it will conflict with the flashlight already attached to the weapon. The same goes for those who already have the Pip-Boy light, as the creator suggested switching to another weapon in case the player is on Flashlight mod.

The full instructions for adapting the mod into “Fallout 4” is listed in the link above. Included in the LK-05 Carbine mod are a few Weapon mods to take note of, also listed by the creator.


Players who want another texture to their weapons armoury, namely adding the more traditional crossbows, can now do so with a new mod. Dubbed Crossbows of the Commonwealth, VG 247 reported that this new mod will finally let crossbows debut in the action in “Fallout 4.”

The crossbow can be customised according to one’s desired included parts. There are even different bolt types that can be used on the crossbow.


Who doesn’t love a good working scouter a la “Dragon Ball Z” in “Fallout 4” as a mod? Modder Ruddy88 has created a scouter that is basically an eyewear option for both males and females. In a recent update, the developer even created a scouter that fits Dogmeat perfectly.

The scouter is available in several colour combinations, and there’s even some HUD modifications that enables night vision, targeting, tracking module for a Recon Scope effect and focus enhancer to slow down the time when aiming. These customisations can be done and upgraded using the armour workbench, so players can have either two or even three of the options all at once.

The file is currently a two-part installment. The main file is necessary as it contains the main mod, while a secondary patch adds the ability to craft the Scouter in the armour workbench. Compatibility-wise, the creator did not cite any specific mods that will conflict with the scouter. Though the modder did give fair warning about mods that change targeting HUD ENCH record as this may have an effect on the mod.

The “Fallout 4” Scouter mod is currently in development. Some of the modder’s future plans for the mod include adding left and right-sided versions, fixing the main bug for the mod, refining the Focus Enhancer modification, adding optional first-person tinted overlays and refining the glass alpha for more consistency in both light and dark.

LK-05 Carbine weapon in "Fallout 4" (Credit: YouTube/Oh Deer)