With “WWE 2k16” coming out this week, 2K Games has revealed a new companion app for the game’s creation suite called the “Creation Studio.” The app will help fans import logos and faces into the game’s creation suite, making it essential to fans who want to make the best superstar, diva or arena in the game.

According to 2K Games, players can simply take pictures of their faces with the app and upload it to the “WWE 2K16” servers. Once the picture has been approved, players can download the image into their console and line up the photo’s face with the created stars, thanks to the new in-game markers available.

This is a huge improvement from last year’s game, where players could only upload photos through their computers and have to try to align the faces themselves. Now, it will be easier to create a custom superstar or a wrestler who didn’t make it into this year’s game, like Sasha Banks or Apollo Crews.

Logos work the same way, as players can take pictures and upload them to the main servers for approval. This is usually for fans that want to make their own custom arenas or update an existing wrestler’s attire, like John Cena, who is constantly getting new shirts.

The app will be available for both iOS and Android users, according to Power Up Gaming, so no gamer is left behind when it comes to the game’s limitless creation tools. The app will supposedly launch a day after the game has officially been released.

“WWE 2K16” comes out on Oct. 27 for North America, Oct. 29 for Australia and Oct. 30 for Europe. The game will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Pre-ordering the game will give players early access to two versions of the T-800 from James Cameron’s “Terminator” movies. There’s also a season pass that will let players gain instant access to all of the game’s upcoming downloadable content, which features a number of legends, a hall of fame showcase mode and a number of new superstars from NXT.

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WWE 2K16 Creation Suite (Credit: YouTube/WWE 2K)