IN PHOTO. A man looks at his iPad while sitting in a cafe in central Beijing June 6, 2012 Reuters/ David Gray

Apple is unlikely to release a third version of the iPad Air this 2015 to focus instead on producing the iPad Mini 4 and the still unconfirmed iPad Pro. The prevailing market trend also plays a big role why the Air 3 is likely a no show this year, a new report said.

The tech giant is not too excited in manufacturing a sequel to the iPad Air 3, according to DigiTimes, adding that “demand for tablets has not been as strong as in previous years recently.” The same report indicated that that the 9.7-inch iOS tablet is consistently registering dwindling sales as supersized smartphones or phablet are getting more attention from global consumers.

Boasting of sprawling screen size and showing off hybrid functions that practically position them as tablet replacement, phablets are biting off a large chunk of the market demand that the iPad used to enjoy, the Taiwanese publication added.

In setting aside the Air 3, however, Apple appears to refocus its energy on the 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4 as the same report hinted mass production of the device could start soon. Citing its unnamed supply chain sources in Asia, DigiTimes claimed that components for use in assembling the Mini 4 are soon to reach Apple’s manufacturing partners in China.

The new development seems to support the earlier reports that Apple is indeed planning a 2015 unboxing of the Mini 4 and its upgrades are mostly based from the iPad Air 2. Essentially, the Mini 4 will be packaged as the smaller clone of the Air 2 though running in iOS 9.

But DigiTimes is saying on its report that the fourth-generation iPad Mini is but a minor step up from the 2014 version.

It is likely that the major upgrade that Apple has set its sight on is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that according to Apple Insider remains a solid candidate to unpack this despite the persistent rumors that say the biggest of the iPad will not materialize until early 2016.

And alongside the iPad Pro, the iPad Air 3 is still on track to join Apple’s planned tablet unpacking this 2015, headlined by the iPad Mini 4. The three slates are likely to come out shortly after the iPhone 6S release date that is rumored to happen anytime within September.